Games are for everybody

Our Values


Learning doesn’t just happen inside the classroom, and games have a vast potential to help children learn. Our games support students in mathematics, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, public speaking, and more. We can also tailor adventures to focus on specific areas or skills, weaving the desired techniques into the narrative of our adventures.


Role playing games are cooperative and collaborative, encouraging players to communicate and support one another. Where conflicts arise our skilled game leaders work with players to overcome them, using the game structure to frame conversations and help players learn how to resolve difficulties positively.


When we play roleplaying games, our participants work together to tell a story with us as a guide. Creative storytelling gets players to consider narrative arcs, differing perspectives, personal goals, and many other skills that support children’s learning, development, and identity formation.

Personal Skills

When we take on the roles of other characters, we are encouraged to consider what drives them, what challenges them, what strengths they rely on, and what difficulties they are working to overcome. As we play the game players are encouraged to self-reflect and consider how their actions are or are not in keeping with their stated motivations. Players manage their character’s progression and growth, making careful decisions on which priorities to focus and how to adapt to new challenges.


We are always growing and learning, constantly changing on a never ending journey from children to adults, students to mentors. Role playing games give participants a space to practice and explore without fear of failure. We offer constructive feedback meant to help all players progress and improve, and don’t look down on players for missteps. Instead failure is emphasized for its ability to teach and provide opportunities for reflection and development! 

We do not stand for


Anyone can be a hero, and everyone is the protagonist of their own story. We seek to reflect this in our games by creating a space that is welcoming to all and affirming for players with disabilities. We do not tolerate intentional disrespect for the disabled and neurodivergent.


We strive to have games that are inclusive to various  ethnic and racial backgrounds, communities, and experiences.


Gender is not a prerequisite for adventure and/or for making great stories with friends. We believe that all players are valuable and equal! We will not tolerate intentional disrespect on the basis of gender.


We are inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community both within the game and with respect to our participants’ names, pronouns, and identities. We do not tolerate intentional disrespect for players’ gender expression and identity, and/or sexual identity.

Note: While we don’t talk about sex in our games, queer relationships are displayed in the form of marriages, romances, and similar age-appropriate methods.