Welcome to Alternative Games!

What we do

We are a group of storytellers, educators, and performers dedicated to engaging the imagination through innovative play. We run a wide variety of Roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons, miniature games, and other storytelling games. Our expert game runners have anywhere from 12-45 years of experience running collaborative storytelling games for people age six to 60!

We grew up playing games that focused on stories and creative expression. Through these games we journeyed with friends to strange worlds, fought and bested terrible monsters, and learned more about ourselves and fellow travelers.

Our company focuses on sharing these cooperative original experiences with people of all ages, building positive socialization and social skills through play, and spreading our love of imagination and storytelling to our community. Our game runners have degrees ranging from acting to education, and use those to build complex worlds together that challenge our participants to exercise their imagination, creativity, and storytelling, as well problem solving and critical thinking skills.

We offer many services based around building cooperative stories and facilitating imagination games with people of all ages. These services include after school programs, birthday and other event parties, weekly games, and seasonal out-of-school camps.

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