About Alternative Games

Who we are

We are an organization that seeks to foster a community of creative story building, where people of all ages and backgrounds can collaborate to build an engaging and cohesive narrative. Our services are primarily for entertainment, however we offer an innovative and engaging opportunity to build better people and sharpen academic skills. Our organization helps children navigate issues such as shyness, social anxiety, and/or learning disabilities. We do this by teaching social skills and helping to build emotional intelligence, utilizing a constructive discipline style that helps define boundaries while supporting an environment of fun and cooperation.

Our Mission


To create collaborative stories in an inclusive community where people of all ages and backgrounds can let their imaginations play.

Our Approach

Anybody can run a roleplaying game or tell a story, so what makes Alternative Games different?

What we bring to the table (both literally and figuratively) is our wealth of experience working with diverse audiences and specifically with young people. Our games and activities use an inclusive approach, bringing people together from a wide variety of backgrounds. More than anything, we know how to build immersive story worlds where every player feels like a hero.

All our Game Leaders have extensive experience working with kids and bring their training in fields of drama, history, education, and even business to fashion deep and engaging stories. Our games are a passport to a world our players help to build and bring to life.

a group of people seated around a table laid out with papers, pencils, and multisided dice. One person stands at the head of the table leading a game.