Special Event Games

Special event games are summer sessions that are a little different from our usual camps, parties, or weekly games! They use a new system, or introduce a different type of play. We put in some added extras to make these games an extra special experiences!

The best part? You know exactly what you’re signing up for ahead of time.

Young Player Sessions

Wednesdays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm    |    Run by Dave

Art by Dave

Ever wanted to play a Sassy Cowboy that Flies through Space? What about a Cool Spy who Rides Bikes? Maybe you’d prefer to be a Shy Bookworm who can Talk to Walls! Or a Daring Inventor who Bakes Sweets? In “No Thank You, Evil!” if you’ve got an idea, you’ve got a character.

Come along with master storyteller Dave Burbank as he leads children on a journey into the exciting world of Storia! There they’ll meet superheroes, challenge boogeymonsters, explore strange and mysterious planets, or survive and thrive beneath the seas!

A great experience for kids to let their imaginations run a bit wild for just a couple of hours each day.

Cost - $100 for a 5-week session

This game is designed for younger players, ages 6 to 9 years old.

Saturday Night Games

Saturdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm    |    Run by Dave

Art by Dave


Explore the back alleys of a heavily populated and half ruined city sprawling around an Arcane University.  Play students in that university. Or squatters in the tunnel systems under it. Or anything else that suits the crew! (Steampunk Zombie Apocalypse? Orbital Survey team drops on planet to retrieve artifacts from the Museum of Natural History? Anything goes!)

Our expert DM Dave Burbank will be running games on Saturday evenings for parents, alumni, or veteran players! Whether you play weekly, are looking to get back into Tabletop RPGs, or are totally new, this is the game for you!!

Cost - $25.00 per session

This game is aimed at adults and older teens who are interested in rolling dice and finding trouble! This game may contain some mature themes.

5th edition D&D Event Week

August 10-14    |    Run by Dee, Shammo, &/or Tommy

Art by Dee

This world is dangerous. Leaving the safety of your village means the risk of running into dangerous beasts, powerful magics, and unhappy spirits. But walking into the wilderness is an experience not many forget. Those of you who feel the call of the unknown, the call of the world beyond the village gates, know that it is a risk worth taking. That’s why you mastered the blade, made a deal with something powerful, learned how to take to the rooftops, or studied the tomes of magic. That’s why you became… an adventurer.

Fifth edition D&D has many of the same delights as our usual version, but with some new twists and mechanics! Interested in trying it out for the first time, or playing it with some of your favorite DMs? This is the event week for you!

The Star of Hope

July 6 -  July 10    |    Run by Tommy

Art by Dee

Hushed whispers spread through the many cities of the Empire of Cignus, carried across worlds at the speed of thought. They say that something has returned, something ancient, something powerful, something that may yet be claimed. Rending through the fabric of realspace the glorious vessel Star of Hope has emerged after being lost for 2 millenia. Its massive holds carry with them secrets of technology and knowledge long since lost.Now it is a scramble to claim all the riches that lay waiting. But in order to do so the brave people must endure and overcome the dangers of insidious rivals, entrenched locals, and whatever nightmares may have come to infest the vessel from 2 thousand years in subspace…

This game is intended for older and more mature players (13+ suggested) as it deals with more mature themes. The game will be using the Dark Heresy game system published by fantasy flight. We are using this for mechanical reasons and will not be using the traditional setting (Warhammer 40K).

Story Weavers

July 13 -  July 17    |    Run by Shammo and Dee

Art by Dee

In our first ever story building camp, our expert DMs and skilled storytellers Shammo and Dee are here to guide participants in expressing the ideas that are kicking around in their creative minds.

Come work with professional educators to build a setting and create story-driven characters. They will then take those characters on an adventure through the world they made.

This is an opportunity for participants to take an active role in defining the story while guided by experts, and it is an opportunity that will only exist during this event week! Let’s break open the dams and release the river of creativity. Come with us as we find out where the roaring waters lead!

So whether you are a backstory novice or a seasoned worldbuilder looking to learn tricks from some masters, come along with us and watch the story unfold.