2021 Summer Camps

Summer is on the horizon- and with it comes sunny days, jubilant kids, and QUESTS! Equip your players today: Sign up for our summer camps!

What you need to know

As of February 10, 2021, we are planning to offer our summer camp programs online. However, we're hoping for the best and keeping an eye on what the experts say as we get closer to summer.

  • 1 week summer camps: This is our usual summer camp offering! It’ll be 4 hours a day, with a one-hour break for lunch in the middle.
  • 2 week summer camps: Instead of packing the adventure into 4 hours a day, we spread it out to be 2 hours a day over 2 weeks! It’s the same cost and the same number of hours, but good for those who are easily zoom-fatigued.
  • Weekly games: If you’re looking to play the whole summer through, we’ll be offering a few games that run for 2 hours each, 1 day a week! (More information coming soon)
  • Special Event Camps: We’ll also be offering a few special events! These are similar in form to our 1-week summer camps, but offer special game systems, stories, or experiences.
  • We want everyone to be able to play! We accept a variety of payment methods. If you need a discount or scholarship due to financial hardship, please contact us at AlternativeGamesDC@gmail.com and we’ll work something out!

But that’s not all!

Returning this year we’re also offering SPECIAL EVENT WEEKS!

Dauntless Heroes & Dangerous Foes

Date TBD | Dave

Adventurers live in a dangerous world, filled with magic and monsters. Some seek to do good, some seek fame, or fortune, but one thing is true of all adventurers: They seek challenge. And there is no greater challenge seekers than those who have already grown their own power to epic proportions. Those who are now seeking epic enemies. Epic stories. Are you ready for a challenge, adventurer?

This game is a 1st/”Dave” edition game for high level heroes (levels 8+) to tell stories together with even higher stakes. Join Dave in a sweeping adventure of bold stories, brave heroes, and deadly dangers.

Star of Hope

June 28 to July 2 | Tommy

Hushed whispers spread through the many cities of the Empire of Cignus, carried across worlds at the speed of thought. They say that something has returned, something ancient, something powerful, something that may yet be claimed. Rending through the fabric of realspace the glorious vessel Star of Hope has emerged after being lost for 2 millenia. Its massive holds carry with them secrets of technology and knowledge long since lost.Now it is a scramble to claim all the riches that lay waiting. But in order to do so the brave people must endure and overcome the dangers of insidious rivals, entrenched locals, and whatever nightmares may have come to infest the vessel from 2 thousand years in subspace…

This game is intended for older and more mature players (13+ suggested) as it deals with more mature themes. The game will be using the Dark Heresy game system published by fantasy flight. We are using this for mechanical reasons and will not be using the traditional setting (Warhammer 40K).

Story Weavers Part 2: Adventuring Tales

July 19 to July 23 | Shammo & Dee

You do not need to have taken Story Weavers Part 1 to sign up for this session.

In the second of our story building camps, our expert DMs and skilled storytellers Shammo and Dee are here to guide participants in expressing the ideas that are kicking around in their creative minds. Come work with professional educators to build an adventuring plot and create encounters, villains, and scenes.

This is an opportunity for participants to take an active role in defining the story while guided by experts, and it is an opportunity that will only exist during this event week! Let’s break open the dams and release the river of creativity. Come with us as we find out where the roaring waters lead!

So whether you are a scene-building novice or a seasoned storyteller looking to learn tricks from some masters, come along with us and watch the story unfold.



  • June Camps: Sign up on or before May 30 for the early registration cost of $250 standard camp / $300 special event camp
  • July Camps: Sign up on or before June 13 for the early registration cost of $250 standard camp / $300 special event camp
  • August Camps: Sign up on or before July 11 for the early registration cost of $250 standard camp / $300 special event camp

After the early registration deadline, the prices will be raised to:

  • 1st/"Dave" edition and 5th edition camps: $300
  • Special Event camps: $350
Signing up within 2 days of the camp’s start date will incur an additional cost of $25

We’re here to bring community and creativity to your child’s summer.

Stay safe and keep on rolling. And as always contact us with any questions at AlternativeGamesDC@gmail.com.

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