Fall 2019 Afterschool Class Setting

The "Free" City of Bastion


The Neighborhoods and Districts of Bastion

The Free City of Bastion is divided into many different neighborhoods and districts. They all have their own distinct character and a brief description for each is below. Keep checking back, this map can change.

The Legion’s Bastion

A mighty fortress that lends the city it’s very name, this imposing structure is home to the city’s military, the Legion. This is a military base, so passage in or out is even more strictly controlled than other districts and the only folk who are here for any extended period are here as part of the Legion.

The Spear Point

This district is right next to the Legion’s Bastion for a reason. The Spear Point takes it’s name from the shape it holds when seen from the fortress walls, jabbing inward towards the palace like the head of a spear! This district is home to the city’s military academy, as well as various businesses that support the students and the military as a whole.

Never Night & Player’s Plaza

Two neighborhoods in one! The line between these two districts is blurry at best. Never Night technically refers to the many casinos, late night taverns, and other businesses that keep their doors open after the lamps are lit. Player’s Plaza is the city’s entertainment district, and boasts theaters, fighting pits, grand arenas, racetracks, and more.

Rose Wisp Square

The city’s most famous house of coin by far is the Rose Wisp Casino. This place is so successful (and so huge) that it actually led to a business district forming around it just to cater to the many people coming to entertain themselves. There are tailors, inns, food vendors, you name it and they’ve got it, often with a showy flair to match the Rose Wisp’s presentation.

Gontrell High Streets

Some might think this wide district to be one of the city’s most populated, but it’s actually the opposite. Wealth flows down Gontrell’s broad avenues and off the roofs of its grand estates. This is where the well-heeled live, protected in their manors by a devoted subsection of the city guard.

Goldpurse Gantry

Trade flows from the river, purses fatten and coin collects in the banks and trading houses of Goldpurse Gantry. This district is the center of Bastion’s finances, and it’s riches are closely watched.

Charity Court

Home to the government buildings of the city, this district boasts the city’s courthouses (thus the name), the guard headquarters, the offices of city officials, and much more. This is also a popular site for public punishments.


In the old days this was a district that housed many temples home to a number of different faiths. Under the new government such worship is outlawed with almost no exception. The religions were cast out, but in an odd twist their laws of sanctuary were maintained. This “Sanction”ed area is now a hotbed of criminals, where the guard don’t go and the law has almost no effect. However anyone leaving the district is usually arrested, so it’s kind of like an open prison.


Once this was a beautiful neighborhood of artistic buildings on a network of canals full of pure clean water. Nowadays it’s a rundown dismal place of crowded alleys and canals full of… other stuff. 

The Dangles

They carved the rocks from the banks of the small river, and then they moved the river to carve even more. Once they had quarried all they could all that was left was a narrow canyon. Those who could left for better work, those who couldn’t stayed in a network of cliffside homes and rope bridges swaying above the little water at the canyon floor. It is a poor place and a dangerous one, where the residents make their living scavenging off material thrown down from above.

Citadel Vault and the Reformatory

The Vault is a fortress as impressive as the Legion’s Bastion, but entirely different in purpose. The Vault is the home of the Sheathed Sword Wardens and is in fact a massive prison. Those who go into its walls as guests rarely emerge again. Even if prisoners manage to escape the great circular towers and floors, they would only get into the Reformatory, a walled off district kept separate from the rest of town. 

Quarry of the Outlawry

In a city like Bastion, one prison would never be enough. Some of those sentenced are turned to the service of the city in the Quarry of the Outlawry. The quarry is a massive pit, accessible only by elevators controlled by the guard. Here the inmates quarry stone to fuel the town’s building and expansion.

The Ashdown

The massive industrial center is covered in a constant cloud of thick black smoke, giving the district its name. There is no day or night here really, the light all comes from the furnace fires and the street lamps. In these buildings stone from the Quarry is shaped and refined, and metal processed for tools, weapons, and more.