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COVID-19 Announcement

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread its effects are being felt in almost every area of life. We want to assure everyone that we take this seriously and to share what steps we are taking in response. We are not experts on this and we’re trusting the folks that are. So what follows is what we’re doing.

Firstly, we have online games! If you’re looking for a way to occupy kids who suddenly have a lot of time on their hands we’ve got a solution for you. We have an online platform setup to support role-playing games! More information at the bottom of this message.

General guidelines for any in-person meetings

    1. No physical contact
    2. No sharing of materials. We are asking players to come prepared with their own pencils (and writing surfaces as appropriate). If a player doesn’t have dice rather than getting them from another player or the DM, the DM can roll for them.
    3. To the extent possible we will have hand sanitizer available for use, however this may be limited by availability.
    4. If you or someone you know may be sick, we ask you to exercise CDC recommended self quarantine.
    5. We are deferring to CDC guidelines on appropriate hygiene.

Thursday Class and Public Events

The Takoma Park Recreation Department has shut down classes and activities for at least the next two weeks. That means there will be no class, and participants should not come to the Community Center. We do not currently have information on what this means for registrants and payments, please direct questions to the Takoma Park Recreation Department.

Upcoming Wheaton Class

Is set to begin after COVID-19 related closures end as it currently stands. We are following the guidance of appropriate county authorities and the Montgomery County Department of Recreation. If they tell us to close up shop we will do so without hesitation. You can check this page for updates.

Spring Break Camp

Is still planned. As we keep an eye on what the experts recommend, we will be in contact with all spring break participants. If the camp is cancelled, we will arrange refunds.

Out-of-Class/Satellite Games

Arrangements for these are being made on an individual basis between the participants and their DM.


Did you know we can run games over the internet? It requires participants to have access to an internet capable computer and accompanying microphone. We provide access to an online game platform that can hold character sheets, roll dice, show maps, etc. As restrictions keep expanding we want to offer this as an alternative means of supporting play. If you’re interested, please reach out to us.