2020 Summer Camps

School’s out for the year, many camps are closing, and summer is a big question mark.

We’re here and ready to provide summer camp options to keep the kids entertained! Most of our summer camps are Dungeons & Dragons, but keep an eye out for other Roleplaying games in our event weeks!

What you need to know

  • All camps will be virtual. We have everything ready to run games online! The only requirement to set up a camp will be a minimum of 3 registered participants (registration details below).
  • We can run up to THREE CAMPS at the same time with anywhere from 3 to 8 participants, EVERY WEEK this summer.
      • First week: 6/15-6/19
      • Last week: 8/24-8/28
  • Single Week: We can run camps for 4 hours (with at least a 1 hour break in the middle) each day Monday through Friday
  • OR
  • Double Week: We can run camps for 2 hours each day Mon-Fri for Two Weeks.
  • We also run special short camps for younger players only (more details below)!
  • Camps are $200 per participant paid as a $50 deposit to Dave due upon confirmation of registration, and $150 to the DM running your camp at least ten days in advance.
  • We want everyone to be able to play! We accept a variety of payment methods. If you need a discount or scholarship due to financial hardship, please contact us at AlternativeGamesDC@gmail.com and we’ll work something out!

But that’s not all!

New this year we’re also offering YOUNG PLAYER SESSIONS and SPECIAL EVENT WEEKS!

Young Player Sessions

Shorter play sessions (2 hours a day instead of 4) for participants ages 6 to 8! More details to come, please contact us if you or someone you know is interested.

Special Event Weeks

For each event week one of our four expert DMs will craft a unique adventure using a variety of game systems. These will include some extra special bells and whistles! These are still being finalized. Stay tuned for teasers and more information soon, and you can always check our event calendar for information.

We’re here to bring community and creativity to your child’s summer.

Stay safe and keep on rolling. And as always contact us with any questions at AlternativeGamesDC@gmail.com.

Click here to register for summer camps!